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Buying A Diamond

Everyone likes diamonds and nobody looks bad in diamonds, do they? It is not actually within the scope of this piece to recommend whether diamonds are a good investment or not, but their perceived value is enormous. Instead, I would like to look at where the optimum place to buy a diamond is, since it is more important that you buy your diamond from a respectable merchant with a warranty than that you believe you got a decent trade on eBay by means of buying somone's granny's engagement ring, which may not be genuine.Therefore, before you begin browsing for diamonds, consider dealing with a bonded jeweller. Bonded jewellers sell bonded diamonds and there are very few bonded jewellers in the world. In deed, out of all of the jewellers in the world, only approximately 5% of them are bonded.Buying a bonded diamond will cost more than buying a non-bonded diamond, but when you look at what you get with the bonded alternative, you will observe that it is well worth the additional expenditure.First, bonded diamonds have a buy-back policy for the life of the diamond. No matter how long you keep the diamond, you can take it back to the bonded jeweller and sell it back to him or her, for a 100% refund.If a jeweller does not offer a 100% buy-back promise, for the life of the diamond, then you ought to take a nearer look at the diamond to see what is amiss with it. Just joking, they will always offer you a 100% buy-back guarantee or tell you why not.Bonded diamonds also have a breakage policy. If the stone breaks or chips, the bonded jeweller will replace it with a new one - one time. No jeweller would ever offer such a policy on any stone that was not 100% natural, so just the offer of such a policy should give you peace of mind concerning the quality of the diamond. Bonded diamonds are natural and untreated.Bonded diamonds increase in value, with a fixed increase rate that is designed to keep up with inflation. This means that a diamond that is worth a particular amount of money today will be worth more in the future, as the price of diamonds continues to rise. This normally does not relate to buy-backs, although. It normally applies to trade-ins.Alternatively, by buying a bonded diamond, you are sheltered against the prospect of a market crash. If a market crash does happen, the value of diamonds will fall. However, the bonded jeweller guarantees to refund you the discrepancy between what the diamond is now worth and what you paid for it before the market crash.It may be not easy to find a bonded jeweller in your locale, but if you can, this is who you need to deal with, as opposed to dealing with a non-bonded jeweller. Specifically inform the jeweller that you are only interested in bonded diamonds. You can discover a bonded jeweller in your region by using various online resources like Google or Yahoo, or by calling the local jewellery stores.

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Buying A Diamond_163
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