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 How to knit socks_902

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How to knit socks

When knitting socks the first thing to do is to choose which yarn you want to use. There are many great sock yarns on the market these days. Even self-striping sock yarns are available. Also the sock yarns are just the right weight for a good pair of socks. Many believe that wool yarn is the best sock yarn. Even a beginner can learn to knit socks. The hardest part of knitting is reading the pattern. Be sure to pay close attention to any pattern for the instructions that are being illustrated.Here is what you need to knit socks: - Two sizes of three double-ended needles (including a small size needle that will be used for the ribbing). - Five (or more) balls of sock yarn, depending on the sock pattern. - A pattern - A highlighter (to mark the copy). - Stitch markers - Scissors - A yard needleThere are 2 ways to complete your knitted socks. You can make them with heels or without heels. Some say that the ones with heels are more comfortable. The sock size depends on the size of the ankle. If you create a sock with a heel, you will need to measure the foot and figure out the heel placement. When you measure the ankle, subtract 1" for an adult size and " for a child's size. Usually, the ankle size for for a male is 10" and is 8" a female.Use sock yarn for the best fit on your socks and estimate how many stitches are required to cast on your needles. The stitches should be evenly divided between the 3 ends of the double point needles. Start by marking the first stitch for the beginning of the round. You should do the ribbing first, using the small needles. When the ribbing is completed switch to large needles. The stockinette stitch is the best option for both the ribbing and making a plain pattern and it produces a great fitting sock.Now you have to work on the heel by placing half the stitches on one needle. The stitches should begin at the start of the round. Then place the other half on another needle. This allows the heel to be knitted from the front to the back using a single needle. Again the stockinette stitch is used for two thirds to three quarters of the rows on the heel. Then you have to reduce the heel area and turn. Now is yhr time to form the gusset. You should wind up with 2 selvedge edges in between these heels. To form the gusset pick these stitches up. To complete the heel knit the rest of the stitches. The gusset must be decreased at this point.As for the foot, it should be 2" shorter than the foot measurement. Start knitting at the center, a quarter of the stitches on the first needle, one half on the second needle and the remaining quarter on the third needle. Switch between rounds. The sock can be completed several ways. One technique is to keep decreasing to the toe, either casting off or binding off and then sewing the remaining together.

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How to knit socks_902
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